Lime Facts
A ripe lime is yellow in colour not green.

Francis Bacon wrote about the value of citrus fruits as a remedy of “the sickness taken at sea”.

In 1767 Dr Macbride suggested that fresh lime juice should be mixed with bicarbonate of soda – this is the world’s first fizzy drink.

In 1867 The Shipping Act instructed all registered ships must carry supplies of lime or lemon juice. This act remains in force today.

In 1867 lime juice cordial was marketed in glass bottles and labelled with the legend “preserved by an entirely new process, completely free from alcohol”.

Lime juice was the world’s first SO2 (sulphur dioxide) preserved drink.

Concentrated lime juice is so acidic it will dissolve concrete.

Most of the concentrated lime juice flavour comes not the juice but the mashed up lime peel.

Concentrated lime juice is light yellow in colour not green.

Lime juice is the exception to all other citrus juices, it has very high acid content and low sugar.

Limes can only be successfully grown when there is no winter frost between 30°N and 30°S in the world.