About Our Lime Oil
An inevitable development of our involvement in the lime juice industry has been the growth of our lime oil business.

We now source lime oil from three different countries and is produced to the highest industry standards.

Essential lime oil is found in the peel of the fruits, in our case Citrus Aurantifolia, and is extracted by steam distillation.

The best distilled lime oil (DLO) is from fresh raw lime fruits and has a clean, floral aroma which is missing from oil derived from older fruit. However the latter can be made to have a very high content of oxygenated constituents which maybe preferred by some buyers when the oil is to be used for lime flavours. For more information on this please look at the Specifications page.

DLO is widely used in the flavour industry, and in particular is a principle ingredient in cola flavours, but considerable quantities are also used to flavour lime drinks, marmalade, confectionary and the perfume trade.

DLO is packed in 177 Kg drums, but we can quote for smaller sizes if required. With each delivery we supply a Certificate of Analysis and pre-shipment samples are available.