About Our Lime Peel
Asset Fruit and Flavour Supplies two types of lime peel, dried and frozen.

We are one of the largest suppliers of dried lime peel to the pectin market and have experienced steady growth now for nearly ten years.

Dried peel is the choice raw material for the manufacture of rapid set, slow and methoxy pectins. It is superior to lemon and orange peel in its pectin content and is an excellent source for making jams due to it's jelly content.

During the production process the lime peel is crushed to give a "mince" of distinct lime pieces. This mince is then washed with cold water so that the extraction of acids, sugars and pectins take place, it is then dried. This is done using a hot air stream blowing through a rotating cylinder drier. The final moisture content of the dried lime peel is less than 10 It is packed into 75kg sacks ready for export.

Frozen lime peel also goes through many similar stages of production. After the initial selection process, the fruit is washed and the juice extracted. The remaining peels are then blanched in boiling water, cooled, and left to drain. Once dry the peels are packed in 10-20 kg net plastic bags and then put into steel drums to be frozen to a temperature of -18c.

If you require any pre-shipment samples of either lime peel please contact us.